One solution - infinite possibilities

Our uniquely versatile UNIQVUE enables you to present complex relationships in a visually stunning environment with the simplicity of a touch.
High end presentations, workshops, collaboration with customers or your team – everything is possible. Independently customise the design, manage your content, plan in advance or act dynamically across all industries and evaluate your results. The Uniqvue operates in real-time and is fully data driven.
All in one environment. All easy to use.


There are different ways to manage agile and dynamic collaboration in the UNIQVUE Framework. Thanks to the high connectivity, a multitude of connections are available to participate with your own device in a presentation or a workshop. Individual modules allow direct collaboration in the main application and of course everything is freely combinable. Special industry-specific modules like the EY Roadmap Developer further extend the capabilities of UNIQVUE.

Datadriven in realtime

The entire system is based on a data driven real-time 3D engine. This way you can react and change data live and on the fly during a presentation or a workshop to see the direct impact in real-time. For example: you can display the effects of investments or savings directly in a graph to get a better feeling of effects, impacts and aftermaths. These are scenarios where the unique UNIQVUE shows its full strength, potential and versatility.


The seamless transition between in-house modules and content PCs or shared devices succeeds easily due to remote control properties of the Uniqvue Framework. These can be found in both the Session Manager and the DISC Toolbox.
This way, you can easily present prepared content as well as other applications via the Content PCs, such as SAP or in-house software.
The integration of existing videoconferencing systems or the embedding is possible without great effort. You can use all common systems like Skype, Zoom and Cisco Webex without any problems – all in the visually impressive environment of UNIQVUE.

DISC Toolbox

DISC is short for ‘Dial In Show Control’ and is a continuously available toolbox within your main application.This toolbox contains small utilities, settings and access to the Assest management, as well as an operational concept for dynamic and agile operation. This is worth a closer look because having access to the assets allows you to select videos, slideshows, web content and external input sources any time while being able to share external devices (“Bring your own device”). The DISC toolbox offers you complete control to manage everything from frames to their content.

Session Manager

The Session Manager is a Windows application to easily create a presentation or plan a workshop. Set-up and structure your agenda with different modules and simply fill them with your desired content. To do so, you can access the secured asset library where videos, slideshows and also remotely controlled PCs are deposited. Drag and drop the filled content module to the desired position on the display and an agenda item will be created. You can then set a style, an animated background, the light colour and a sound loop for each item on your agenda. Furthermore, the design can be configured according to industry, CI guidelines or topics of the agenda.


UNIQVUE is as dynamic, flexibel and versatile as its display setups are extensive. Outputs of up to 3 x 4K resolution or 12 x high definition allow various configurations from one single display in 4K or entire walls of up to 27 displays (3x 3x3). Naturally, you can also assemble different constellations in 16:9 format within the 3 x 4K resolution.


The on-site workshop environment is enhanced with web collaboration capabilities to host virtual sessions where all media signals and sources are distributed over a network and converge at a single workstation. From here, the right picture is always delivered and the presenter is followed through the story. The output is directly connected to the preferred streaming and video conferencing platform.

Our uniquely versatile UNIQVUE framework enables you to present complex relationships in a visually stunning environment with the simplicity of a touch.